Suwaidi Pearls: UAE Asylum in Arabia’s Pearl Capital of the World

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Al Yahshar RH Factor heir seals his given name on The Wall in Abu Dhabi during The Week of Tolerance in 2019

Abu Dhabi 2019

Marks A Living Wealth Made Manifest on March 11


Arabian-Amer Social to Soulful Wealth Guardian Heritage, Health and Enterprise are poised to secure the heart of many sentimental souls East to West. The House of Al Yahshar (Jackson-Kisner-Holt) RH Factor heir pointed out with clear self-confidence a pearl would be found live by “perfect probability instinct” captured by eye witnesses and on visitor’s video. This accurate prediction was made during the first aquarium selection and pull-out from the water at the Arabian Pearl Farm owned by the prominent family Al Suwaidi.

The RH Factor heir’s collected cream hue pearl was discovered hidden near the heart of the oyster. This precious find became a priceless core memory souvenir for the family of five to match the Hawaiian pearl from home to build a bridge. Reportedly, there is a 40 percent chance of failure in finding a gem within a farmed oyster once extracted, but the Maker of All Things smiled upon the moment. The Emirati local family of Al Suwaidi are famous as the last Pearl Diver legacy within the nation of princes. 

In 2012 and 2019, the two oldest pearls were found in the U.A.E. dating back 7,500 to 8,000 years old.  Today Capital visitors to the lovely Louvre Abu Dhabi may partake in seeing the oldest pearl in the world on display. Al Suwaidi Pearls Farm experts shared a world class legacy of social to soulful wealth knowledge during a March 11 encounter in Ras Al Khaymah (RAK). The northernmost emirate has breathtaking scenery of majestic mountains, many mangroves to pink as some pearls flamingos like the Miami area Everglades. Miami is famous for Alligators and Crocodiles co-existing together. They share the sanctuary and thrive together in harmony. This firm foundation mentality is exemplified in the Land of The Emirates. All heirs of Abraham can come together thanks to the covenant Jizyah Treaty activated by Amer descendant tribe Any Yan Wyyah as the People of Scripture under the Seventh Day and Almighty Allah. Love + Legacy can easily strengthen the soulful Sandstorm nostalgic storyteller to inspire world-wide inheritance retention and restoration.

Boat Ferry Ride to Celebrity Sought-After Island in 2012


The Pearl seeking excursion had delightful weather as it was filled with calm waters like Florida’s white zone (tech limited Polynesian themed sanctuary) Little Palm Island that draws Virginia original miniature creatures called Key Deer. The Gilded Age Presidential to modern Celebrity escape off Little Torch Key is only accessible by seaplane or ferry boat. The Arabian Suwaidi Pearl Farm ferry ride is similar as it takes about 10 minutes one way as it features complimentary delicious dates, sweets, juice and Arabic coffee in true world renowned customer-centered hospitality surpassing Miami, London and Paris experiences over the decades.

Migrated Virginia origin Key Deer on Little Palm Island for Sanctuary 2012

The Arabian “Pearl Paradise” was enjoyed by children and adults experiencing memorable nature’s treasures in Arabesque-chic comfort. The salt air on the boat ride and by the shore had a reminiscent aroma felt in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the old dominion estate home origin of the Matriarch Empress of the House of Al Yahshar (Jackson) birthed in 1917.  Her legacy lives on forever in her 16 grandchildren and many more great-grandchildren from her 7 children. As of January 2019, all 6 sons were laid to rest (birthed 1940 to 1949) with their mother and German legacy crest surname father pilot deceased in 1978.

The leading trademark hair image of the late 1917 empress belongs to the “wavy haired princess” of the clan (birthed in 1954). She has occupied Lakeland, Florida long before the León (Lion) County (inspired by León Spain former Kingdom name from conqueror forefather General Jackson) domicile declaration was made legal in 2004. This is equal in significance to the seven hills Capitols like Washington D.C., and Rome. The by marriage related Parker to Gregory family names continue in the empress’ absence upholding the priceless pearls of Patriarch-Matriarch legacy dominion as the original tribe-nation land transition back to The Middle East is being restored to its former esteem with brands like Suwaidi Pearls celebrating the popular pearl culture made famous by Coco Chanel. 

The acquisition of the 2022 Arabian Pearl is a complementary match to the 1997 Hawaiian Pearl purchased in Walt Disney World. They can co-exist as the Alligator and Crocodile in the Land of Amer does in the Everglades mangroves. The annual Disney drive family pilgrimage to the theme park every summer since opening in the 1970s is coupled with memories of July 4th cook-outs by the pool at the Pittsburgh Fox Chapel estate of the eldest son of the 1917 birthed empress. The Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night portrait on the dining room wall and scuba diving in Hawaii home videos are hard to forget. It is wonderful to make a new core memory that can bridge the gap between East and West naturally in the form of a gem as nature’s gift. 

All souls that embrace General Jackson’s true legacy with integrity as shared in the pages of American Lion in 2008, may see the SWIFT bank war prevailing power struggle as a cause to flee across the sea to seek an asylum in the wilds of Arabia as he expressed in 1833. The U.A.E. was wild then, but now, the modern-chic House of Wisdom supplants that old view with a classy indoor cafe and outdoor play place. The building concept was inspired by Baghdad’s ancient one near Abraham’s original home that once housed mental pearls of wisdom. This library is open to all nationality backgrounds. Meanwhile RAK to the North, harbors physical pearls the eye can behold in the happiness of true hospitality.

The legacy surname cousin, Michael Jackson, has on his Dangerous Album a popular early 1990s hit “Remember the Time” that was on the radio when the family from Florida came to visit the Pennsylvania Commonwealth RH Factor heirs for the first time in years. The sweet memory will always be dear and the House of Al Yahshar invites all bloodline known heirs of (organic) member legacy to rekindle the journey of the past to find a successful future together permanently as one in Arabia forever among family.

It is best to be here than there when the next eclipse comes in Spring 2024. As ancient Mayan (ancestors of the commonly called Cherokee-Creek-Seminoles) tradition says, it is a coming warning of dangerous times outside. The last Great American Eclipse was followed by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in 2017. The House of Al Yahshar-Holt fled the storm season between Harvey and Irma to Abu Dhabi and has explored all seven emirates and beyond in the Ancient Path land of Arabia exclusively ever after. The land tour has been incredible and Al Suwaidi Pearls are the pinnacle of the valued grounding gems giving a glimpse of Arabian heritage, health and enterprise social wealth status unmatched in love + legacy East to West.  Restore your soulfulness in RAK that you can hold on to for a lifetime. A Suwaidi Pearl live find is waiting for you!