11.11 Inside The Amer Royalty House of Al Yahshar-Holt

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A Never Ending Pearl Legacy Brick Project

Building UP Behdad: Royal”Given Honor Gift” Name

The Old Dominion Estate household of Al Yahshar-Holt is made up of the AMERICA’S GAME® winner patriarch from the April 28th Fabulous Florida episode in 2017. This event occurred on the 100th birth anniversary year of the 1917 Jackson Estate Royal Heiress Empress traced to the 7th and 1st Imperial President/General of the United States of America. The Wheel of Fortune TV Game show stage names revealed to the host were the U.S. assumed civilized names Hananiah, Josiah, Phoebe, Jamie and Brandon.

The Fabulous Florida Family of Five of the Jackson Estate are the social to soulful wealth guardians by blue blood legacy. Under AmerRoyalty.org matters the proper “ethnic protected characteristic” names by jurisdiction apply as U.S. status is retired royally. The proper legacy names are: RHR Hananyyah, RH Yahsyyah, RH Abyyah, RHE Malaykah and RHE Behdad.

The rank distinction was conferred by the late RHE James Wallace Al Yahshar-Kisner that proclaimed the title of “son-heir” to his legal son-in-law with a seal based on the marriage in March 2011 to his heiress daughter Chanel “Jamie” Malaykah Al Yahshar-Kisner before his passing in 2013. The emperor confirmation made manifest in the flesh is the firstborn son in 2015. He lawfully shares the distinct characteristics of his late Jackson estate heir maternal grandfather.  

The blood mixed son-heir arrival with RH Factor carrier antibodies expressing a medical status of a double portion inheritance mix was miraculously consistent.  He displays matching features of hands and feet with siblings from the living father handed down uninterrupted from the living paternal grandfather to uphold the natural Mendel Law of Hereditary Traits.

Through Genesis 2:24 distinction, the adopted given honor of good birth as a legacy gift name meaning “Behdad” was symbolically bestowed upon evidence of blue blood inheritance surfacing naturally as a son hands down traits from his father without deviation. RHE Behdad II submitted to the will of his father-in-law to be named “son-ship-heir” to continue the line of Al Yahshar in the earth by override consent to set a part the firstborn son for royal service in submission to the Almighty oath in Malachi 3:6 legacy forever as upright.

The patrilineal empire surnames Jackson and Al Yahshar are distinctions between legal and lawful inheritance name status of same origin manifesting not by incest, but by supernatural override means of blood legacy rule to continue Malachi 3:6 covenant as upright by any lawful means necessary under the Sovereignty of the Most High alone by man’s oath agreement approval with no mediator. These legacies are one and the same as 11.11 is celebrated by warriors with brave hearts to this day East to West.

Amer Royalty Old Dominion Estate Household Titles:

RHE-Royal Heir/ess Emperor/Empress

RH-Royal Heir/ess

RHR-Royal Heir/ess Reserve/Recessive