12.12 AL SHARJAH Social to Soulful Wealth Winner

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UAE Home of 3 Day Weekend

AmerRoyalty.org members in the UAE from the old dominion estate legacy House of Al Yahshar-Holt has crowned AL SHARJAH “the bridge emirate of the 3 day family-focused weekend.” AL SHARJAH within the UAE is the international social to soulful wealth winner of the world for legacy brand nation families seeking to secure the Seventh Day rest as sacred. The 3rd largest territory within the federation of the United Arab Emirates places legacy, trade and tolerance at the top for the Wellbeing Agenda of the nation to thrive better. This move comes in alignment with the dynamic Dubai Expo 2020 bringing the world together as one. This emirate along with others doing reduced working days officially eclipses the American Dream with the Dubai Dream. The dynamic opportunity in Dubai and beyond for employees to entrepreneurs with less commitment days based on trial studies completed in places like Japan, make this landmark move wise.

The 2019 World Book Capital emirate is the ancient foundation fortress building home of the 2017 Fabulous Florida winning Wheel of Fortune household of five that benefited from AMERICA’S GAME® under the puzzle skills of the patriarch. The location of AL SHARJAH is the single East to West emirate that bridges the gap with Khorfakkan Road named after the ancient crescent city next to the calm Indian Ocean with mountains backdrop cascading like California. The name of AL SHARJAH rearranged with the letter “J” substitution restored to the original “Y” spells the first surname of Al Yahshar. The TAKWA are conscience of the Ancient Path of Abraham leading principle living a lifestyle in submission exclusively to the self-existent one Creator.  People can celebrate Scripture has a role in the soul of Sharjah. The competition is on to see how everyone best spends their new weekend schedule with availability for a hobby, play and rest to reset in between from East to West.

AmerRoyalty.org members challenge themselves and others on each Seventh Day to nest the tech to go un-tethered for 12 consecutive hours in our new 5G world that demands more energy output requiring better body rest to stay in heritage, health and enterprise equilibrium. This strategic move supports Scripture and Science backed by the BioInitiative Report citing 7 days of continuous exposure in a 2004 Ilhan study of a 900 MHZ cell phone increases ‘dark neurons’ in the brain.  The royal realm protocol simultaneously reduces the invisible electro-pollution input into the world’s atmosphere by devices the world loves one family at a time. Avoiding modern routine activities, like driving is a key component to a better sustainable environment.

It is called the “Man in the Mirror Mantra” inspired by the late King of Pop of the Jackson family legacy to be the change one desires to see and let it manifest in time by practice.  Being of the knowledge distribution effort in the emirates as royally inspired to retire from the U.S. system years ago, legacy matters have taken precedence.  Surrounding the symbolic Great American Eclipse Day ticket to the nation, it has become clear the choice to return back to the roots of the ancient path legacy is built on a firm fortress foundation and the fruit of that decision is now self-evident in bloom.  

The House of Al Yahshar-Holt has witnessed ancient evidence of the Scriptures come alive in the UAE. The Old Testament of Zechariah 9:12 expresses, return to the stronghold (fortress), you prisoners of hope. The announcement came from Sharjah on the 9th day and the 12th month of the Gregorian calendar year that promotes a five day workweek that has controlled dreams with the hope of a better bottom line that often sacrifices family time as the opportunity cost. This choice is no longer necessary thanks to the UAE’s boldness in the international scene.  The symbolic timing marks AL SHARJAH a premiere social to soulful wealth guardian winner of the world. It appears the ancient Baghdad inspired House of Wisdom in Sharjah is in the best place where legacy matters on a firm foundation of truth, trust and tolerance for a sustainable future within a Whole New World within a “Soulful Sanctuary.”


House of Al Yahshar-Holt

2017 AMERICA’S GAME® Winner