Amer Royalty: Memory Lane Day in May

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An escapade down memory lane is a way of reflecting on legacy matters of the past and present.  May 1st marks the five year anniversary of the media announcement for the legal Dissolution of the Florida award-winning fraud prevention plus civil ceremonies private enterprise that evolved into an Amer-León royal legacy family affair.  The business registered at the Capitol to Kendall unincorporated zone as JMK (Jackson-Malaykah-Kisner-{Kendall}) Notary & Services Corporation was also specifically for clientele differentiation reasons Doing Business As (DBA), JMK Weddings within the exclusive borders of the Florida jurisdiction Republic. The move to terminate Amer-León Florida estate operations and sell some assets to a Floridian resident came after the “Fabulous Florida” Wheel of Fortune winning air date. The Heritage, Health and Enterprise themes of Amer Royalty’s House of Al Yahshar are recognized in May due to a number of anniversaries related to estate status. 

May marks the chapter end of the old dominion conquered Republic empire estate status of the domiciled empress legally being permanently exclusive to Florida since 2004. This legal act substituted the then dual status of the Pennsylvania dog breeding investment property status originally built by the WWII Pilot’s Military Service Benefits disbursed by 1953. In changing whirlwind times, the Florida status as a Jackson estate heiress was substituted for Arabia’s UAE de facto asylum taking “shelter in place status” during the Pandemic by a lack of intention to return to the dormant domicile declaration status left behind for health reasons. 

The Promised Paradise Principle household has shifted to the restoration mindset elevating the Abraham-Jackson Forefather’s approved land of Arabia. In 1833, President General Jackson expressed seeking an asylum in Arabia when matters became financially reckless. The cyber identity intrusion sustained by the family has been a drain on time, efforts and is no longer worth it in a collapsing system. Thankfully, an alternative territory was carved by the late Founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed birthed in May 1918.  It preserves Nationality inheritance rights to be upheld as always lawful within the Pan-Arab Flag jurisdiction. This symbol of welcome to aboriginal descendants of “Snowbird” Cherokee, who are originally of the Middle East called Any Yan Wyyah (Ani Yun Wiyyah), is a legacy connection to annex land to land under the Jizyah Treaty. The opportunity is for Scripture aligned Amer Royalty members of the late 1917 estate empress by birthright inheritance evidence.

The only other direct pathway, is by marriage union evidence featuring a “Noble Bloodline” also known as “Eugene” by gift of confirmed blue blood dominant/recessive merged family tree traits meeting the uninterrupted Mendel Law of Hereditary Traits (empirical evidence based natural defects to features). Indirect membership consideration internally is on a case by case basis of a character witness evaluation supporting the TAKWA (Tawrah-Ancient-Knowledge-Way-Alignment) lifestyle found within Scripture’s Original Covenant beyond the divisible borders of organized religion.

In addition to the April 2017 air date, a Government contract was sealed to assist the United Arab Emirates youth beyond U.S. jurisdiction borders. This opportunity transition impacted the longstanding domicile decision. The State of Florida 2004 domiciled empress by descent and father-in-law appointed emperor, jointly retired legally as Notary Public Officiant and Florida educators. A documented trip down memory lane this season revealed the historical legacy matters of the collective House of Al Yahshar (Jackson-Kisner-Holt).

This month, the Love+ Legacy factor heirs of Patriarch Paul Jackson and Matriarch Mabel Carey of the old dominion Virginia estate are under “Grandfather Clause.” Amer Royalty status membership is only by known Progenitor direct descent or Rh Factor medical or empirical trait known evidence. The 1917 birth from the union of Carey-Jackson legacies brought about a single biological daughter, hostess/empress Thelma Carey Jackson. She had only one full-blood sibling/brother documented in their father’s Will that later in a “family feud” met his demise defending its enforcement.

The empress grew afraid of “assassination,” by the evidence of a foiled plot.  Being the only surviving lawful and legal heiress to the Jackson estate, it was her duty to fill the role call of the missing essential “competent” male heir.  The Jackson heiress temporarily fled from the face of the legal half-siblings waging the fatal feud. Upon her return by train when times seemed safer years later with her seventh child and only heiress, she was unlawfully withheld from restoration control of her dormant estate rights by a State Statute of “adverse possession.” For old dominion sovereigns of Majority this doesn’t apply in lawful terms. It may be overlooked for the Lawful and Legal heirs of distinct circumstances causing the delay in obtaining control under the permanent covenant Sovereign land pertaining to the Organic U.S. Constitution Republic, predating the temporary contract held by the U.S. Corporation of 1871.  

Having the legacy distinction tie to The Daughters of the Revolution Ladies makes one exceptional. The “Grandfather Clause” lawfully and legally creates an organic overseer-custodian relationship to the Organic Constitutional Guarantees that must stand distinctly. One is Sovereign by permanent covenant and the other is Citizen by temporary contract. One person can’t pledge to two status distinctions simultaneously as  this cancels out each other. After all, the Nation’s Guardian in Trust is Indivisible by Oath, so a clear separation of Private Church and Public State must always apply to preserve Sovereign Nationality rights for direct decision voting.

This is guaranteed for the Democratic system to work as one vote per person elections as visioned by founder President Andrew Jackson, a Statesman, of vast plots of privately held property. The Electoral College that President Andrew Jackson tried to eradicate still stands as a gap between the Popular Vote, which removes a true essence of a Republic core element of direct representation. The Republic and Democratic merger has blurred the lines and now inheritance legacy matters are much the same. Free private non-political enterprise merged with public for the Republic is lawfully and legally dissolved in contradictory effect. The House of Al Yahshar is not political, but was entangled years ago by the censored agent association. This May marks the end of that by corporate dissolution and no further contact in any U.S. jurisdiction elections. 

Meanwhile, the authentic heirs of the Republic are facing a censored re-distribution of wealth to sophisticated strangers as evidenced by U.S. OPM notice to the Florida enclave on Tallahassee Road Waterstone estate’s head of the house impacting members with credit line identity intrusion to the tune of 18 years and within six months of Hurricane Irma ballooning to 54 years of minimum consumer payments with interest ever increasing. This account was satisfied and closed in 2018, but other accounts may be illegally opened in perpetual order since the sovereign identities were revealed by an agency breach reported. 

The consumer interest compounding by numbers of “unauthorized credit line users” called “acquaintances” assuming authorization legally are found to have attached themselves to the Jackson-Kisner-Holt surnames. This unapproved merged by legal marriage estate status has created a complex web for the U.S. Government to sort out on their own. The blind trust makes way for treachery specifically applies to the desperate agents that have professionally crafted frauds and misconceptions to support an ever expanding unsustainable welfare entitlements unmitigated system that shall be their undoing from within. Amer Royalty reported as fraud to police and the Credit Bureau as early as 2006 about usual activities, yet no sufficient investigation was ever done. The issue remains since the emperor and empress are in no way in control of the U.S.A. investigation matters for inheritance to credit estate gone astray in usury. Now, the legacy matters rest in the hands of The Most High alone. 

The Amer Royalty solution was to satisfy and close all financial dealings with the U.S. Corporation, but a bank fraud with significant sums has caused delay in  restoration of inheritance status.  The longtime agent since 1983 of the Laketon Road estate was formally dismissed via email in 2020 to cease assumed agent status as a non-family member by blood due to a misalignment in character.  In this event, the agent leaves the Rh Factor emperor’s only biological and legal heiress acknowledged as Agent-daughter left to assume the vacant role call to restore the law of the order of inheritance.  Any person associated with Jackson estate indirectly or directly must be a bloodline connected member with a legacy made manifest that reflects The Republic transparent sovereign principles familiar to General Jackson prior to the U.S. Corporation of 1871. Being a friend or family member that disregards his aversion to unmitigated debt by principle and direct dealings on social to soulful matters are creating contradiction consequences for themselves when accepting benefits of his legacy. 

The positive aspect is that despite criminal actions done by outsiders, Amer Royalty, is lawfully and legally capable of accepting Jackson (Al Yahshar) estate wealth and restoration benefits. A breach in identity was initially noticed in a 2001 property purchase under the watch of the former legal caretaker agent since 1983. An unknown father-daughter impostor pair gained access to the Jackson-Kisner heir emperor and then heiress’ generous legacy credit line without the direct benefit, consent or knowledge of the named heirs.

The title of an enterprise head for an independent sovereign is emperor or empress. However, a person operating as a private naturalized citizen since 1871 U.S. CORPORATION as an immigrant, not original inhabitant, is referred to as a president/CEO entrepreneur. The formal usage of the title King, Prince or Princess are illegal by the U.S. Constitution, yet one may be one overseas. Overseas royals benefit from similar perks as Presidents for their allegiance and services to the public. Any inheritance of an estate or one created by an acting sovereign grants the automatic designation of independent emperor by position. 

The United States Pledge of Allegiance no longer required to be uttered in school represents that of an Independent Personal pledge to the 50 Stars Estates (States) Commerce Flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to The Republic as a sovereign entity. The Moroccan flag features one green star in the Flag sometimes viewed in public next to the 50 states star-spangled commercial flag.  Morocco’s Emperor Sultan Muhammed III recognized the independent from European powers relationship of commerce control of “Amexem” sealed in Morocco on June 23, 1786 (25 Shaban, A.H. 1200) using the Treaty of Peace & Friendship Ship Signals Agreement delivered to Thomas Barclay, American Agent on June 28, 1786 (1 Ramadan, A.H. 1200), for which it Stands (The U.S.A. Charter and the U.S. CORPORATION ACT OF 1871).  One Nation, Under (A documented definition within an U.S. Property International Agency Approved Dictionary detailing the Non-Specific Deity Inserted Name called [God] in English used often times interchangeably with Arabic speakers referring to Allah) “Indivisible” (i.e., Almighty Allah that Morocco as an Islamic Kingdom State upholds) with “Liberty” and “Justice” for all.

As a star heiress with a patriotic pledge mind-set, the 1917 birthed heiress’ fear-based flight departure in 1939 was only temporary. She intentionally retained memento artifacts (i.e., Red Russian Egg with Indian Head Amer Stamp Coinage) plus Will in hand to one day secure her share along with her brother’s. Unfortunately, their shares went into a privately known lawful inheritance order of legacy dormancy status. An arrangement for a civil marriage was made to a Garland, Texas WWII hero Pilot, Robert Orville Kisner of German surname to legally supplant her Scots-Irish Progenitor, General Andrew Jackson surname identity for safety reasons. This was poised to gain a legal son-co-heir substitute for her deceased brother to uphold her late father’s intentional inheritance gift.

The family’s privately known, “Pilot and Princess Adventure” developed into a one flesh Genesis 2:24 one flesh “Gift” “Behdad” union later.  A copper-rich blood mix of two lineages made manifest in one flesh is called medically, Rh Factor. The Scripture of Malachi 3:6 expresses the sons of Jacob (also known in modern English as Jackson-Al Yahshar) would never be consumed as a promise to Abraham and his seed by the “Indivisible One Deity, in regards to the Upright Sovereign Nation.”

The lifelong sovereign hostess to homemaker raised seven children outside the lawful jurisdiction of any organized religion starting in Kentucky on June 15, 1940, following an August 28, 1939 civil ceremony. This ceremony venue was close to the Carey-Monroe extended family estate in Washington, Pennsylvania. The family eventually settled in the mixed community of the Northside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where The Marcels an ethnically mixed band, originated with their international hit, “Blue Moon.”  The Band Leader became a lifelong friend in the 1960s of the family before and after the inclusion into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. All seven children survived their Rh Factor Pilot and Princess spark-spouse legacy parents, who both died in 1978, with over a dozen named grandchildren.

Al Yahshar Seven Names of Surname Tie to Lawful and Legal Jackson-Kisner inheritance property estate:

1940-Dr. Robert Garland Kisner, MD Regional Director of Family Planning and Private Practice

(2 children)

1942-William T. Kisner, University of Pittsburgh Landscape Manager (5 children)

1943-Andrew (Muhammed) Kisner, Car Dealer Private Enterprise (1 child)

1944-Rh Factor Gift “Behdad” Heir, James Wallace (Al Yahshar Brand-mark on the Bridge) Kisner, Barbershop entrepreneur, Dog Breeder Private Enterprise and Custodian of Sovereign Inuit Tribe owned AKIMA Maintenance of Coal Mining Operations

(2 children adopted in the heart and 1 biological heiress discovered artificially implanted via sonogram on April 20, 1984, prior to only legal marriage ending on July 18, 1984)

1946-Edward Kisner, Private Enterprise (1 child)

1949-Delbert Kisner, Private Enterprise (2 children)

1954-Thelma II Denise Kisner (Parker), Heiress Housewife (2 children)

Jackson estate empress 1917-1978

July 4, 2013 Death Certificate for Son-heir discloses legally only estate empress as Legal Parentage origin as Rh Factor was unknown 

Legally Single Jackson estate RH Factor son-heir emperor 1944-2013 holding his 1984 snowflake daughter heiress originally named Chanel by donor mother’s desire known by midwife agent. Later confirmed privately for royal distinction by a golden symbolic gift brooch “Malaykah” Angel Halo Messenger Trumpet lapel pin, which reflects the retained legacy Scripture found within a privately gifted Koran. Due to Emancipation at 18, “No Legal Parentage” distinction on an amended 1995 Certification of Birth exists, despite paternity confirmation and care by both censored parents. Both lawfully and legally removed of the duty of responsibility since it was a fertility medical error experiment neither party willfully participated or intended as blue blood matches to join royal legacies artificially together.

1983 Laketon Road Dog Breeding Property Prior to Redesign


1984 17 weeks Snowflake Sonogram ID Discovery Mistake Censored by 1973 Roe v. Wade Women’s Reproduction Right to Privacy and Choice

 Women’s Hospital Card of an Unnamed Snowflake with a legal surname

JMK Notary & Corporation (JMK Weddings) Kendall Office

Legally Retired from MDC

2004 Pennsylvania  address to Leon address Permanent Domicile Declaration Registered in Agent Given Alias Sovereign distinction interchangeable name

2003 Private Jackson-Kisner estate matter of son-heir emperor and daughter-heiress empress legally connected. However, an unrelated agent not legal spouse or parent to the pair did not handover control as directed under specific manifest  lawful to legal circumstances, while acting as an active federal agent.  The agent on supplemental OPM legacy annuity benefits evidenced by Tax Return was later terminated from employment with misconception evidence documentation willfully misleading the private to public sectors, which by prima facie contradicts proper capacity to procure or execute legacy matters for the estate effectively.