Blu: The Elevations Brand Mark

Amer Royalty, Social Wealth, Soulful Wealth

Entering the fountain of Paradise or “Tasneem” is how the members of Amer Royalty from the House of Al Yahshar de Amer-León old dominion Homestead Estate Empire feel about dwelling in an enclave above an Ancient Arabian fortress foundation on location in Khawr Fakkan using Swiss Blu products.

Ancient Arabian Architecture Restored

Khawr Fakkan Fortress across from Original Ancient Foundation Location

The Blu products help to elevate the wonderful seaside home atmosphere featuring a waterfall view. The copper-rich blue blood mark “gift” is bestowed from the sky Originator on the Throne alone.  This gift sealed members of the five-pointed Starfruit Tree House of Al Yahshar along Homestead’s Tallahassee Road named after the Leon County Capitol with specific protocols to avert more severe environmental consequences sparking disabling allergies.

For years, Blu products have been found to be an effective social to soulful wealth bold innovation asset brand on the bridge crossing the gap to equilibrium. In essence, this is the Paradise Principle on earth as promised to Abraham by the Ancient of Days in Scripture. In modern day, tools like the Acumat, ionic shower head and negative ion creating water diffusor is perfect for oil infusion blends that can help soothe the soul. These are some of the best intelligence health solutions for the seasonal gift giving time of Ramadan.

Allergies for RH Factor legacy members are an unchanging peculiar people permanent functional impairment recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). This condition is on the rise as it impacts up to 10% of the world population with loss in productivity. A 2017 book, Radiation Nation, documents symptoms of the curious condition and how to mitigate complications with time, distance and shielding technology factors as a remedy for People of Determination.

For instance, choosing to live in León to the North West, and later, the Homestead Waterstone enclave region located in the South East of the Florida Peninsula was strategically smart for an Evergreen tree plus Everglades lover. These places historically offer low populations, low standing buildings and tree filled garden acres. The Capitol on seven hills in León and the Everglades protecting Coral Castle in the Homestead area nearby at the end of the mainland peninsula provide an old small town charm to conquer the modern challenges from 24/7 EMF emitting devices operating out of sync with the human body counter-clock wise. It was the perfect abode for spark-spouses (copper-rich conductor blood legacies) seeking sanctuary from big city life, yet not isolated from the world. 

Blu products much like the hermitage named Coral Castle harness the power of harmonic field generating energy impacting the “Fabulous Florida to Fortress Family of Five” East to West. Interestingly, both are transferable too as Coral Castle earned a reputation for being the “8th Wonder of the World” built in 1928 and moved due to robbery in 1939 by one mysterious soul using the secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids. The sacred geometry used became an astronomer’s sky vision dream designed to help navigate by map beyond borders using a crescent moon joined with Al Yah (North Star) alignment. Thanks to The Originator, all the Elect can find Paradise by sky-map at the appointed time. It is lovely that Blu products can elevate and enrich inside dwellings to bring the aspects of outdoor Paradise home where the heart is always nourished.

Sweet Sixteen Summer Overseas Vacation

The Egyptian Pyramid Themed Harrods in London 2001 (Sweet Sixteen Summer) visiting the Late People’s Princess and her Fiancé’s Memorial with Engagement Ring preserved since 1997.