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Amer Royals Preserving The Ancient Path Fortress Foundation

The Amer-Leon Jackson estate Heritage Brick Pavers Location for the House of Al Yahshar-Kisner-Holt Civil Marriage Ceremony by Mobile Notary Public Wedding Officiant at Key Biscayne Florida Lighthouse

We Are The Modern Social To Ancient Soulful Wealth Empire Guardian House Of Al Yahshar-Holt From Amer. Our aim is to share the preservation of special spark-spouses Heritage, sound Heath and sustainable Enterprise assets from East to West.

As the retired 2017 Fabulous Florida AMERICA’S GAME winner and 2015 STEVIE AWARDS International Business Judge, our family is poised to bring you the best brand asset collections to the forefront as we invest in a royally sustainable future.


 Amer Royalty emperor Behdad II Al Yahshar descends from the tribe of Any Yan Wyyah (U.S.A. Cherokee). He as the “guardian of soul magnetism” graduated high school from Creekside, the home of the Seminoles in the Atlanta area of Georgia. The son-heir appointed emperor to the Jackson estate is formerly documented as Brandon Eugene Ball Holt, MSEd, AMERICA’S GAME® winner during the “Fabulous Florida” episode on the Wheel of Fortune April 28, 2017 air date.

In 2003, the Syracuse University graduate and AmeriCorps alum transitioned to the University of Miami for a Master’s degree completed in 2005. Inspired by AmeriCorps, Behdad embarked on a bucket list of goals to help the community and eventually settled on the Non-Violence Project, U.S.A. This allowed a blend of classroom instruction and an opportunity to experiment with the psychology degree earned plus enrich a Color Code Certification in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009.

Prior to U.S. retirement beyond borders with family in the United Arab Emirates, the AmerRoyalty.org emperor served as a long time math and science educator in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Under U.S.A. Civil identity on public record since birth, Behdad served as the lead media award-winning Florida Notary Public officiant for about 7 years within the family corporation JMK Notary & Services, DBA JMK Weddings enterprise in the land conquered by National Forefather General Jackson.

Legacy hobbies: Mountain Hiking, Guitar, Retro Video/Board Games and psychology/religious studies

Legacy goal: Enrich Patriarchy with Matriarchy as one force celebrating the March 15 birthday anniversary of General Jackson as Forefather Remembrance Day as he saved the Union from Civil War and paid off the National Debt of the United States of America as the 7th and 1st Imperial President.


Amer Royalty empress Malaykah Al Yahshar descends from the tribe of Any Yan Wyyah (U.S.A. Cherokee). She as the “guardian of the Amer Coinage legacy” graduated from the home of the basketball championship “Lady Eagles,” an all-girls college preparatory private school in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2004 as a University of Pittsburgh transfer student to the home of The Eternal Flame upon seven hills at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University under the alias Jamie Monique (French Substitute for Malaykah) Kisner, she declared sovereign perpetual Florida domicile and dominion. The state capitol name remained on the vehicle tag of every car owned even in South Florida as a legal trace of continuity as the estate owner of Leon (Lion in Spanish) County as a direct lineage substitute for her documented late old dominion estate paternal grandmother birthed in 1917.

At 23, Malaykah became an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, while earning a rarely then offered MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University in 2009. She served as elected Miami Student Government Vice President and later volunteered to become a Tampa, Florida field trip chaperone for the Non-Violence Project, U.S.A. Also, free one hour monthly seminars were held with the non-profit Partners For Self Employment servicing the South Florida community in strategies for operating a business.

Prior to U.S. retirement beyond borders with family in the United Arab Emirates, the AmerRoyalty.org empress from the Jackson estate served as a long-time STEVIE®AWARDS business judge. Under the married name Jamie K. Holt, MBA, she built with her spouse an award-winning Florida officiant Notary Public (highest level tax-exempt official in the land) entrepreneur holding a corporation reputation featuring social responsibility at the core to uphold the Jackson estate hostess legacy left by the late 1917 hostess empress.

Legacy hobbies: Photography, Lacross, Whale/Bird Watching and Political Science/Psychology

Legacy goal: Enrich Patriarchy with Matriarchy as one force celebrating the March 15 birthday anniversary of General Jackson as Forefather Remembrance Day as he saved the Union from Civil War and paid off the National Debt of the United States of America as the 7th and 1st Imperial President.


Emperor Love + Empress Legacy Timeline 

2007—A Non-Violence Project Coordinator sought on a starry night after 7 o’clock, a mobile Notary Public via Google to notarize a chaperone “Acknowledgement” document pertaining to a mentee’s winning essay resulting in a trip to Walt Disney World courtesy of Dreamers Academy initiative from radio host Steve Harvey

Notary Journal captures November 20, 2007, Walt Disney World Notarization Record of First Official Meeting

November 20, 2007, Wet Seal Signature in Journal with proof of FL Driver’s Identification and Thumbprint for Legacy Authentication

2009 Gift of  “spark-spouses” Sleeping Beauty Collector’s Card, U.S. President Barack Obama D.C. Metro Inauguration Day Ticket and Life 101 Ivanka Trump Talk at Nova Southeastern University

2008—The Non-Violence Project Coordinator and Notary Public shared attendance together at a Miami “singles meeting” seeking marriage insight, while donating time and financial support to the historic election of U.S. President Barack Obama

2009—The first official date beyond a common core social circle occurred upon the request of the NVP Coordinator turned National TV Game show winner on the Price Is Right recently arranged by employer for Color Code Certification in Las Vegas, Nevada

*This certification created a firm foundation for the relationship based on a “compatibility” personality assessment given prior to an interview on a legal pad during the initiation of courtship in August scheduled to last four seasons before marriage following the bride’s graduation from Nova Southeastern University in Davie-Ft. Lauderdale

2010—“The Soulful Marriage Made in March” was manifest for logistical business reasons and to commemorate the Florida conqueror legacy of the bride’s Jackson estate inheritance in perpetuity with Dade Heritage Trust Brick Pavers present to this day on site 

*The Florida Civil Ceremony and filing with The State was made possible with the assistance of a former “Jackson 5” private photographer invited by the hired female Notary Officiant also holding a College of Philosophy Doctorate providing secular pre + post-marital workshops in Davie-Ft. Lauderdale for the bride and groom in 2011

South of Virginia Key, Key Biscayne  March 2011

2011—The South of Virginia Key 1825 Key Biscayne landmark lighthouse was chosen as a legacy bridging the gap site of North and South to demonstrate patriarchy plus love steadfast in a symbolic structure of light guiding the path safely forward forever upright beyond many storms

2012—Mailed first pregnancy announcement following the May conception of a royal blue blood heiress of red hue hair reminiscent of General Andrew Jackson’s in his youth

2012 Lawful Yellow-Gold and Sea-Blue Traditional Sand Ceremony within the Golden ratio radius of Coral Castle documented by a white pillar with pearl crown in Homestead following the first spark-spouses’ blue blood pregnancy confirmation sealed with a new diamond ring replacing the original at the Key Biscayne Lighthouse Civil Ceremony

2013—The Firstborn was delivered in February 700 days post Sunday ceremony at Key Biscayne landmark and on day 144 after the infant’s arrival on July 4, the Jackson estate heir of Pittsburgh passed away leaving son-heir status to son-in-law

The Knot Florida 2016 edition spotlight thanks to Five-Star Client Reviews Criteria Inclusion from 2015 calendar year

Father (JMK Weddings Lead Officiant) and Daughter (JMK Greeter) at Work as South Florida Award-winning Notary Public Ceremony Officiant Team

2014—The Firstborn son naturally conceived in August post property purchased in Homestead, Florida continues Al Yahshar lineage of Malachi 3:6 legacy evidenced by Rh Factor blood mix joining two legacies into one flesh made manifest as in accordance with Genesis 2:24

2015 Recovery as tough as old hickory

2015—Firstborn son delivered May on the anniversary of graduation from Syracuse University in 2001

May 2015 RH Factor and congenital sourced organ defect determined at NICU following South Miami Hospital transfer from Homestead Hospital via ambulance due to infection acquired post inoculation resulting in outpatient grant compensation


2016 ––Second son naturally born in January conception and delivered with the same 40 year veteran Iranian-American doctor as older siblings in October matching paternal grandmother’s birthday and maternal grandfather’s birth month from the Jackson estate legacy

January 2017, First Family of Five Equestrian JMK Weddings Event Featuring Third addition

2017—AMERICA’S GAME® March travel night dream before the National TV Game show win on the Wheel of Fortune manifested a mission once the exclusivity of the Seventh day rest was intentionally acknowledged in the House of Al Yahshar-Holt during February as the Vatican revealed the Creator’s ancient name used by the Messiah/Prophet Moses was hidden deliberately for over 1,500 years

  1. Set a family adventure following the “American Dream” Wheel of Fortune win in Hollywood studios to embrace the UAE “Dubai Dream” educator opportunity as a substitute to the intended Peace Corp at retirement plan
  2. Received UAE Government sponsored plane tickets on the “Great American Eclipse” day with a departure just before Hurricane Irma (Goddess of War) devastated Florida

2018—Earned “Pilot Wings” together as a couple conquering the World’s longest Guinness World Record Zipline within the UAE during September weekends back to back celebrating financial freedom from usury by selling the residence estate to satisfy 54 years of minimum credit consumer debt cycle obligations

2019—Crossed the Tropic of Cancer three times traversing Liwa Oasis and Oman tracing the footsteps of the old Prophet Job (Ani Naby Ayoub) in Scripture as a family of five pilgrimage since he reportedly prayed for a miraculous water Spring to appear during his years of affliction as a trial allowed by the Most High

2020—Revelation during Ramadan regarding hidden legacy matters is accompanied by Firstborn’s curiosity question about physical appearance misalignment of someone familiar sparking a correction to a misconception pertaining to procreation v. reproduction evidence trait differences at conception

2021—Ten Year Marriage Anniversary and legacy distinction upholding Genesis 2:24 one flesh union coitus focus for procreation and Surah Ali Imran footnote 144 in SAHEEH INTERNATIONAL™, Jizyah Treaty as lawfully embraced by the tolerant UAE Islamic State over a Seventh Day Abraham style covenant cut lamb event in 2019

2022—Fortress Family Formula: Logical Legacy Connection before Love Connection

2=Intention for Marriage Courtship Commenced as childless singles based on Compatibility found on the Color Code Personality Assessment followed by an Interview Confirmation for the prospective bride dated exclusively over four seasons

0=Courtship coitus status standard established by the intended groom to facilitate traditional avoidance of premarital parenthood

2=Intentional Collaboration on a Combined “Bucket List”

2=Common Core Principles: Genesis 2:24 (one flesh union procreation) and Exodus 23:12 (Saturday Seventh Day rest command by the Supreme Being)

See more at-https://archive.org/details/@amer_royalty

The City Gift of the Yellow Starfruit Tree planted in the front yard of the Amer Royalty Spanish Style Stucco Casita found within Waterstone enclave on Tallahassee Road bridges the gap between North West Leon, Tallahassee domicile declaration in 2004 and 2014 acquisition of South East Miami-Dade Homestead within the golden ratio radius of Coral Castle off Biscayne Drive forming a Soulful Seven Symbol

Honduras Honeymoon Honorary Legacy Holt Tree