Who is AmerRoyalty.org?


September Mid-Year Anniversary 2011

We are members of a peculiar people nation that upholds the Ancient Path covenant principle lifestyle in heritage, health and enterprise. This principle includes a low copper rich diet lifestyle, modest attire, and the seventh day sunrise to sunset Saturday rest to reset with a well-being enterprise standard focus as a royal command protocol from the Most High. What makes us different is our “ethnic protected characteristic” including the Rh Factor carrier distinction among our household by medical evidence with royal blue blood lineage traits on both sides as dominant/recessive gene expressions.

February Family of Five Fortress Photo 2022

The pairing of two lineages of Rh positive and Rh negative naturally procreating blue blood offspring with red copper hue hair demonstrates the hidden recessive and dominant copper-based blood gene of our parental backgrounds. This challenges the Darwin Theory of Evolution as it fails to account for the origin of our complete household’s existence lacking the Rhesus Monkey protein as a common standard in alignment with the rest of creation organic to earth.

Only authoritative Scripture does a masterful effort in properly explaining an aboriginal peculiar people that were designed to walk upright. The original O Negative blood type rejects all substitutes and does not change as a social to soulful wealth guardian anchor. Conversely speaking, positive blood types can be converted reportedly to negative. This social wealth guardian status aligns with Malachi 3:6 in Scripture describing a sealed perpetual inheritance by bloodline oath that does not change.

 Features First Amer Royalty Copper-Rich Red Hair Blue Blood Baby in February 2013

Blue Oval Throne in Florida September 2012

This firm foundation is what the House of Al Yahshar-Holt stands upon under the Almighty Oath of Scripture. As descendants by blood of Ani Yun Wiyah (The Original People Leading by the Self-Existent One’s Principle), called Cherokee in the U.S. system, we hold sovereign immunity inherently by the nature of our original Indian status upheld by the Supreme Court in 2002.

National Geographic in 2013, published the oldest human genome yet sequenced capturing the ethnic diversity of the “Cherokee” with West Eurasian origins in alignment with the World War I British officer’s oral documentation taken from an elder chief sourcing beginnings to the Turkey/Armenia region considered the Middle East. This explains why Arabic is the familiar number system the “Cherokee” people used in the 1820s, when they elected to engage in language creation after being illiterate by choice for centuries to guard their culture from corruption.

Our household upholds the covenant of the People of Scripture inclining to the truth on the ancient path of Abraham that predates modern organized religions as they were inspired by our legacy. In alignment with tradition, our family of Al Yahshar-Holt (The Upright One-Son of the Unspoiled Forest Wood) is primarily traced by the surname paternal lineage to compensate for the reproduction error history of a surrogacy substitution in 1984 documented at 17 weeks gestation via a medical sonogram featuring a foreign womb other than the original mother with the confirmed mitochondrial organ defect passed down to the generations uninterrupted. Our household treasures the truth of biological features upheld by the empirical evidence confirmed by the Mendel Law of Hereditary Traits since 1910, which has no variation contradictions like the more famous Darwin Theory of Evolution.

The AmerRoyalty.org member status is open to any confirmed blue bloods that uphold the original covenant of the People of Scripture that acknowledge their sovereign share under the protection of the Jizyah Treaty between man and the Maker of All Things.

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Our aim is to share special knowledge principles of the award-winning Al Yahshar-Holt Fabulous Florida Family embracing a prosperous life free of unconquerable bondage in usury that distracts people from the true treasures of life by ever growing debt obligations. We work beyond borders via distribution channels and interpersonal engagements promoting sustainable practices for elevating spark-spouses heritage, health and enterprise as social to soulful wealth guardians East to West.

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Our ancient aboriginal tribe spans the seven seas as Lady Liberty’s crown reflects our AmerRoyalty.org heritage by symbolic inspiration in meaning and is always set at sea as a beacon of hope and light. In Florida during March 2011, we wed before the longest standing Miami-Dade structure lighthouse built in 1825 as a symbol of endurance and freedom in respect to our American heritage estate annuity legacy surname of Jackson birthed in March before the American Revolution.

Mexico March 2011

In 1917, the House of Al Yahshar paternal grandmother heiress/empress Thelma Carey Jackson was birthed to Mabel Carey and Paul Jackson at the Old Dominion estate. The Jackson patriarch is associated with the old hero legacy responsible for conquering the sovereign Florida territory in 1821 from Spain to annex it for the security benefit of the United States of America as a State starting in 1845.

The Jackson surname legacy is reflected to this day in Florida East to West by city to county names. In 1845, the 7th and 1st Imperial President died in peace at The Hermitage estate among his expansive family household including both races at his side after over 40,000 land patents were signed under his Presidential administration according to the American Lion, a Pulitzer Prize literary work.