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Sept. 2011, 6 month anniversary of marriage

The House of Al Yahshar (Jackson-Kisner-Holt) of a sovereign surname legacy offers a private-sector apology and repentance by voluntary full disclosure of the former family association with slavery. Forced employment evolved to 20th Century low wage-voluntary service for some souls that served Amer Royalty for decades discreetly. The door of return to that chapter is closed. The retention of a “surrogate Mother services relationship” formally ceased by documentation using U.S. jurisdiction email dated April 4, 2020 and again confirmed by physical appearance in the UAE orally on June 16, 2022.

The offer to be caretaker for the next generation of Daughters of the Revolution is rejected on the grounds to encourage natural family unity. In July 1985, the cottage dog breeding caretaker made the difficult choice with her premature offspring in the line of service duty. Years later, she confessed the daily regret and sorrow over the event made possible by Roe v Wade.  Today, the family hopes she is able to restore herself to her daughter and grandson.

The former caretaker of the estate came to the UAE residence to discuss legacy matters by her own free will without the family’s provocation. Outstanding matters have been assumed to be unavailable by agent Censorship. The only business that remains to be restored properly if possible are: Original Birth Certificate, Jackson-Kisner-Holt heirloom assets list sent via FEDEX to the Colonial Cottage and any other pertinent documentation obtained since becoming case worker for the late documented heiress-empress Thelma Carey Jackson Kisner, a lifelong housewife since 1939-1978. All documentation for the former civil servant is in the jurisdiction of the CIA since 1971. They sponsor equal rights for women by a crusade to dismantle patriarchy tradition agenda while under federal oath.  

Former Family Caretaker with late Employer in 2012

On behalf of the lawfully and legally properly documented legacy members of Al Yahshar (Jackson-Kisner-Holt), a sincere apology is in order to any former employees that have ever felt undervalued or disrespected during the General Jackson to modern day reign of Imperial Patriarchy enterprise relations. The estate Trust matters under servant management since January 1983 is fully complete. The family has officially retired the Southern Tradition of employing a caretaker “Mammy” to substitute for a Mother. No more Colonial Slavery terms for the estate any longer shall be recognized as extended family. Family ties are exclusively reserved for natural bloodline members and those with official state adoption documentation to substantiate their claims for authorization in all cases of credit or cash access.

All legacy matters are now made manifest and the Patriarch-Matriarch wish the best for all loyal former employees. At this time, the U.S. Corporation dissolved five years ago has no lifetime service personnel by oral oath any longer and there is no intention to ever resurrect that sort of Imperial/Colonial legacy. The family elects to turn the page to start a new journey in Arabia as home-base forevermore with the idea of partnership and understanding thanks to the Jizyah Treaty upheld.

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