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  Artfully Amer-Asad Pearl Legacy Matters and Character Name Messenger-Angel (al mala(i)kah/malaykah) Golden Gift of Father Guardian of The Scripture Book


Hayyakum (Welcome) 255th “Amer-Asad” legacy anniversary! This month marks the memory of the modern era of the blue blood Amer Royalty Incorporated heirs of the House of Al Yahshar Incorporated Covenant “Remember the Sabbath and Keep It” status of the Jizyah Treaty. This move helps to usher in the ancient foreshadowed manifest super-servant merger of two tribes to form the Order of Malkazadak (scepter + soulful) guardian inheritance. This order of unknown origin ruler and priest came about in Abraham’s day and re-emerged 2,000 years ago. These modern-day Elect RH Factor souls shall help the Creator transition the world to tranquility with Tasneem at the top.  Promised Paradise seekers are patiently awaiting the unseen Ancient of Days once the realms of the sky and soil are one.

Social to Soulful Wealth One Covenant Pearl World Ceremony 2022

To seal the Unity and Restoration, the ancient Pacific Island Sand Tradition Vow was completed. It contained two precious pearls joined from the Pacific in 1997 and the Arabian Gulf in 2022. Items from Blu, Hemani and Suwaidi Pearls made the indoor/outdoor moment special. Many thanks to those brands. The Purification + Preservation ceremony is coined “Yahlahfar.” This term is inspired by the ancient Supreme Being name used in the covenant land originally by the inhabitants of the MARIANAS HOMES once documented in 2014 as “Grantee” status to HAVE AND TO HOLD forever in regards to the appointed emperor and bloodline empress alias names no longer legally active since the 2017 Dissolution of the U.S. Corporation status. The legal retirement status has been perpetually beyond borders of the U.S. ever since for scripture, health and safety reasons. The royal inheritance character distinctions are firmly active as proper lawful override. 

A year after Trustee status was sealed, the 2015 gift of a Pacific Islands origin Starfruit tree made the covenant complete for the House of Al Yahshar. A revocation of election made the dissolution of the status complete years ago, but a soulful severance is now made manifest by supplanting the former social covenant with a firm covenant redeemer act to transfer the social to soulful wealth to soil borders of the Book of Al Yahshar (Jasher).

All legacy matters are sealed and satisfied lawfully and legally forevermore within the Ancient Path borders in alignment with the Amer-Asad (Lion/Leon) Forefather’s documented asylum in Arabia intention. Pearls are the ancient world’s priceless currency symbol selected for the Ancient nation tribe of Al Yahshar.

Oldest House of Salah (Prayer) in Nation with energy coil spiral design roof

Now one from the Pacific and the Gulf have become joined in one clear vessel sealed with the Pictograph. This decision aligns within the Scripture’s perfection description of Surah Al Ikhlas to symbolically preserve the indivisible natural order attribute and clear characteristic of the Maker of All Things within the oneness example of the Covenant Keeper People. 

The Sovereign of the Day of Recompense Maker of man is the source of the forever inheritance by original bloodline and grafted in converts to the commands.  Find the pearl paradise unending as promised among a soulful seaside emergence. Healing hearts and land is the aimed desire in the land of princes now one as intended long ago. Welcome to a whole new emergence of a green gardens life as once before!